How To Get Medical Marijuana Card

Etain Cultivates, Manufactures, and Dispenses only the highest quality medical marijuana products for the patients of New York State. If you consult with a Licensed Health Care Provider through the Site, you have a duty to provide appropriate real-time audio and video access (consistent with reasonable technical and quality requirements or any technical and quality requirements described on the Site) to enable an appropriate evaluation and connection by your Licensed Health Care Provider.
The New York Department of Health does publish a list of qualified New York State providers for medical marijuana certifications here We have New York State medical marijuana providers available via telemedicine video-chat from 8:00am - 10:00pm everyday ready to help patients connect with a doctor using a phone, tablet, or computer.

In tandem with InstaCraft's Privacy Policy, by entering into this Agreement you represent and warrant that you understand that certain health care records pertaining to any Patient Recommendation made on your behalf by your Licensed Health Care Provider may be subject to mandatory disclosure and production to relevant government authorities by either InstaCraft or its Licensed Health Care Providers under the applicable and governing laws and regulations of your Medical Cannabis Jurisdiction including federal laws governing that jurisdiction.
Medical marijuana has been on an explosive rise across the country since it was first legalized in 1996 in California, but New York's Medical Cannabis Doctors New York program is far more limited in comparison to the 23 other states that have passed medical marijuana legislation, advocates argue.

Of nearly 500 chronic pain patients certified to use medical cannabis in our practice to date, fewer than half reported purchasing it at a licensed dispensary — largely because they cannot afford it. Because the federal Drug Enforcement Administration still classifies medical cannabis as a Schedule I substance , insurance doesn't cover it. For the same reason, it can't be bought using a credit card.
The plaintiffs' use of medical marijuana, reasoned the court, "and their subsequent positive drug tests are inexplicably intertwined." 33 Of course, employees in states that permit medical marijuana, but do not have a statute with the protections of Michigan's law, might well face not only dismissal, but a loss of unemployment benefits.
The Department posted an advertisement in the New York State Contract Reporter seeking up to two vendors to provide an online continuing medical education (CME) course to physicians and pharmacists across New York State on the medical use of marijuana.

It is of the utmost importance to InstaCraft that a Licensed Health Care Provider's determination regarding whether and under what circumstances to recommend use of medical cannabis be determined solely by your Licensed Health Care Provider's independent medical judgment after a good faith medical examination.
Taxi & Limousine Comm'n, Barbuto and Noffsinger suggest that New York courts are likely to find that legal medical marijuana users have some employment protections as disabled persons, that employers are obligated to engage in the interactive process with them, and that continued medical marijuana use may be a reasonable accommodation.

Karen 'Keefe, director of state policies at the Marijuana Policy Project, pointed out that the majority of data on the palliative effects of marijuana comes from examining the effects of smoking dried buds, rather than consuming it in the forms allowed under New York's law.
You will be evaluated and certified by a New York State licensed Practioner who has specialized training in the use of medical marijuana and is registered by the New York State Department of Health to evaluate the efficacy and safety of medical marijuana for your medical condition.

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