And by the fall, so many prominent prophets had incorrectly predicted the re-election of Mr. Trump that the apologies and recriminations now constitute a crisis within the movement. Abdu'l Baha's message was America's spiritual destiny, which he said is to lead the nations of the world in establishing a permanent peace. Every Wednesday Joseph Morri… Read More

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Attach notarized letters from each contractor you have worked for during the past five years. Fill out the plumbing application showing the plumber under which you are working. Have spent at least 1,900 hours per year during these four years as an apprentice. Credit for military plumbing is given at the rate of one year credit for each two years in… Read More

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That said, an attorney can provide you with a potential estimate of the value of your case. This effort starts with a careful review of your medical records. Not only could you recoup the cost of your medical treatment, you could also recover any wages you lose during your recovery.We have a team ready to focus on your case and formulate a winning … Read More