Wisdom Teeth Removal Guide

The Wisdom Teeth Professionals are proud to offer affordable oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal in Sydney without any waiting list thru Wisdom Dental Emergency by calling 1800 WISDOM or booking a consultation through the HOME webpage. We are proud to announce that from the 17th of august 2015 all Implant fixtures used in Melbourne and Sydney will be SA or SLA treated surfaces unless pre discussed with patients or dentists who refer cases with the preference of a particular high quality Australian approved brand.
The dentist will examine your mouth, take an x-ray image, and find out the exact position and status of your wisdom teeth. The tables below shows the average cost Dental Surgeon Sydney for a dental procedures by state. Welcome to Macarthur Surgical Centre where our qualified team provide all aspects of advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr Pinho (Dentist) and associates like Dr Leon Anaf (Dentist) and Dr Naser Albarbari (Oral Surgeon) have founded Wisdom Dental Emergency in Melbourne and now Sydney with the aim of providing affordable and safe oral surgery with the highest possible standard of dental care.
To determine the best sedation option for cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney , you need to speak to your dentist as he will be able to assess how complicated your case is. The sedation option you choose will influence the wisdom teeth removal cost If you have dental insurance, it can help you cover the wisdom teeth extraction price.

We are an exclusive service for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney and are very proud to be able to provide affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney and easy payment options thru ​HICAPS & PAYMENT PLANS by concentrating on this single aspect of dentistry in Sydney.
Be aware of clinics and websites with the tendency to underline the need or dental costs benefit to always see a specialist such as an oral surgeon in Sydney for every single case with phrases such as "compare Apples with Apples" or others with similar strategies.
Just as every person is different all wisdom teeth complications are unique, meaning the procedure for extraction varies from one patient to another. However, when they progress you could experience jaw pain, swelling around the gums, your gums may bleed, bad breath, difficulty opening your mouth, and an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

You should still brush and floss your teeth as normal from the following day to keep your mouth free from food and bacteria, taking care to brush gently around the gap. Moreover, getting your wisdom teeth removed early prevents the issues that can occur in the future allowing patients never to experience the potential consequences of problematic third molars.
At your consultation, your approved dentist will advise whether your wisdom teeth are fine or likely to cause problems. Treating our patients with care and patience we can swiftly remove troublesome teeth without causing undue or unnecessary discomfort or pain.

When an impacted wisdom tooth is causing pain or decaying, we need to remove it from the jaw. However, in a few instances, bacteria can show up around the impacted teeth causing gum disease or tooth decay. Many people fail to visit their dentists when they experience tooth pain because they fear the cosmetic and social implications of losing a tooth.
When a wisdom tooth develops, it can cause a lot of pressure against the other teeth in the mouth as they try to make room. On the flip side, if you have a severely impacted wisdom tooth or teeth (a tooth that grows at an angle underneath or partially above the gum and undermines other teeth) then understandably, wisdom teeth removal cost is likely to be greater.
In order to avoid these dental complications, it is advisable to extract your wisdom teeth Sydney as early as possible. If seen privately, wisdom tooth removal can take place in a matter of days or weeks, however the wait can be far more substantial if relying on the public system.

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