Implementing An Advance Care Planning Program In German Nursing Homes

NEGROS OCC., Dec. Learning German in Germany is highly recommended as there you will get trained by native German speaking teachers who are certified to teach German as a foreign language, and in an approved school, in a German atmosphere where people around you are speaking, always in German.
In 2013, the German government concluded bilateral agreements with the governments of Bosnia, Serbia, Philippines and Tunisia known as the Triple 24h nursing Win Project” to help nurses from these countries find employment in Germany (for more information on the Triple Win Project see this page ).

If the majority of the training measure is carried out in a business enterprise, issuance of the temporary residence permit presupposes that the Federal Employment Agency has granted approval in accordance with Section 39 or it has been determined by statutory instrument pursuant to Section 42 or by intergovernmental agreement that participation in the training measure is permissible without the approval of the Federal Employment Agency.
The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has launched a pilot project with Vietnam entitled Recruiting labour from Vietnam to train as nurses in Germany ”. Under this programme, young Vietnamese undergo training in Germany to become nursing professionals.

The granting of a temporary residence permit to other dependants of a foreigner who has been granted temporary protection pursuant to Section 24 (1) shall be subject to Section 36. Section 24 shall apply to dependants who are admitted pursuant to this subsection.
A full recognition of your professional qualifications: This means that your qualifications have been found to be fully equivalent to the corresponding German qualification and that you have also met all of the other requirements (for example language skills).
A foreigner who applies for a residence title pursuant to sentence 1, no. 2 must submit to the competent authority documentation on his academic education to date and on the intended course of studies in Germany which verifies that the studies in the federal territory constitute a continuation of the studies completed to date.

EN Enrolled Nurses, ENG Enrolled General, ENM Enrolled Mental Health , HCA Health Care Assistants, Care Assistants, Midwives , RFN Registered Fever, RHV Registered Health Visitor, RM Registered, RMN Registered Mental, RN, RGN , Registered General, RSCN Registered Sick Children's, SEN State Enrolled and all other Specialist Nurses.
German authorities understand that it is impossible to find enough personnel in Germany to meet the growing demand and are therefore interested in recruiting foreign nurses, particularly from countries with high unemployment rate among nursing personnel.

Nurses will be assigned in ICU, general, medical, surgery and geriatric ward with the following qualifications- Bachelor of science in nursing (four years professional education) and valid Philippine nursing license with at least two years of professional experience as nurse in hospitals, rehabilitation center and care institutions.
Qualified medical or nonmedical facilitation is possible, and various institutions offer services of variable quality to individuals interested in writing an AD. No regional concept exists, however, and the services offered are not formally part of the health care system.

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