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Brazilian prisoners are too often forced to endure appalling daily living conditions in the country's prisons, jails and police lockups. The four main parks are: Parque Farroupilha, a 37ha park; Jardim Botânico (The Botanical Garden of Porto Alegre), with some 725 species of vegetation on about 43ha of land; and Parque Marinha do Brasil (The Brazilian Navy's Park), a vast park of more than 70ha which offers a wide variety of sports fields and tracks.
The Secretariat for Public Security (Secretaria de Segurança Pública) invested resources to combat high crime rates in Rio Grande do Sul and, according to recent statistics, it has succeeded in decreasing some key rates in the past year: Homicide has decreased 21.8%, theft by 9%, and carjacking by 14.9%. Despite these successes, the crime rates overall for Rio Grande do Sul are still disproportionately high.

The small number is due to the inexistence of many destinations southeast or south of Porto Alegre (considering the landmass east of Lagoa dos Patos), 103 if not for the cities of Pelotas (the third-biggest in population in the State) and Rio Grande (which hosts the State biggest port ). Nonetheless, when coming from west, both highways bond in the neighbor municipality of Eldorado do Sul, running mostly jointly within the borders of Porto Alegre, only coming to separate at the very interchange to Canoas This way, BR-116 has virtually no sole run within Porto Alegre.
Irregularity is a multidimensional phenomenon involving tenure issues (e.g., legal rights of occupation, title registration); compliance with urban norms and regulations (e.g., lot sizes, allowance for public spaces, street layouts); the number and quality of services provided; the type of area where desentupidora de caixas de gordura settlement occurs (e.g., ecologically risky areas, hillsides, contaminated brownfields); and above all the occupation process itself, which is usually the opposite of formal development, whereby occupation is the culmination of a legal and regulated sequence from titling to planning to servicing.

Ecotourism is very popular in the Germanesque cities of Gramado and Canela ; their cold weather is among their attractions for internal tourism Tourism is also high in the wine regions of the state, principally Caxias do Sul and Bento Gonçalves The pampas of the native Brazilian Gaúcho are both a national and international curiosity to tourists and their customs are alive in the capital city of Porto Alegre as well as in the cities of the "interior" or western Rio Grande do Sul such as Santa Maria and Passo Fundo The state is also home to the historic São Miguel das Missões , the ruins of an 18th-century Jesuit Mission.
In order to tackle the issue of stormwater runoff, the city developed an Urban Master Drainage Plan, which further posed difficulties such as data deficiency, uncontrolled migration of people into the city, lack of legal documents, lack of water storage devices, and water quality problems.

Assela has 17 years of experience in teaching at post-doctoral-level and currently teaches subjects of urban drainage, water-sensitive cities, asset management of urban water systems, climate change, urban flood management, modelling water transport and distribution systems, numerical modelling and computer programming.
The Cities of Cape Town (CoCT, 2010), Johannesburg (CoJ, 2003) and Tshwane (CoT, 2002) all note in their State of the Environment Reports (SOER) that polluted stormwater is a significant contributor to the deteriorating water quality in their respective urban aquatic systems, as well as contributing to the failures of the sewage treatment works that become overloaded as a result of stormwater ingress into the foul sewer network.

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