Compare Top Divorce Attorneys In Kennewick, Washington

Free legal help for Washingtonians who cannot afford a lawyer. Family Law Courthouse Facilitators shall, whenever reasonably practical, obtain a written and signed disclaimer of attorney- client relationship, attorney-client confidentiality and representation from each person utilizing the services of the Family Law Courthouse Facilitator.
If you and your spouse have any minor children together, child custody is going to be an issue, and in all likelihood, a Parenting Plan will be entered in your divorce case. Past clients of the firm praise its staffs' commitment to results and personable and individualized service offered by its attorneys.

At our law firm, you will talk with an attorney (not a paralegal) at your initial consultation. This combined experience for your case is backed by relationships with experts, doctors, mediators, and other attorneys. While our law office is located in Anoka, Minnesota, our experienced attorneys offer legal assistance to individuals and families across the state, including Kennewick, WA.
Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Kennewick, Washington attorney for legal advice. You MUST have at least seven years of experience with at least two Divorce Lawyer Kennewick years in family law. A Parenting Plan is a court order which specifies when the minor children will spend time with each parent (child custody and visitation privileges).

For an effective and experienced attorney in Kennewick, Washington, choose Karen Koehmstedt. Representing Kennewick, Washington clients. The Johnson & Johnson Law Firm is dedicated to obtaining justice for our clients. In addition to supporting a member of your Burbank community, you are also choosing a lawyer that is more convenient to travel to, being local to Burbank, than if you were to choose a lawyer outside of the Burbank area.
Many law firms—ours included—will only take pro bono (unpaying) divorce and family law clients if we meet them through Northwest Justice Project. Ledgerwood Law Office is a locally owned, law firm serving clients in Benton and Franklin Counties in all matters of family law.
The attorneys of Johnson & Johnson Law have the reputation of taking on insurance companies and making sure insurance companies treat people legally and fairly. He has extensive experience in all facets of civil litigation, including extensive family law experience in Benton and Franklin County courts.

People who place their trust in the lawyers at the Johnson & Johnson Law Firm receive the benefit of over 60 years of combined legal experience. Finding a divorce lawyer who is experienced and reliable can reduce your stress and help you make the best choices possible.

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