Bars On I 95 Freestyle

Hb the Engineer Grafh closed out with a slew of freestyles over some of the hottest beats in the game such as Pusha T ‘s Infrared,” Lil Wayne ‘s Uproar,” Cardi B ‘s Money” and more. Always one to highlight upcoming stars (see Lloyd Banks and Obie Trice), DJ Green Lantern has put together, along with Grafh's assistance, "The Oracle Mixtape," a collection of freestyles, unreleased tracks, and other verses from Blackhand Enertainment's premier artist.
For example, I would probably choose to use in” as the end rhyme for the word threatened” from above (potential rhymes include get in” and let in”). Barsoni95 Side note: I seemed to have developed a tic, where I constantly use the word spitting” in reference to spitting rhymes” (i.e. freestyle rapping).

But, today, I decided I should listen to some rap music for inspiration, ultimately putting on the Chance the Rapper Pandora station. This is exactly how I feel about my freestyle challenge: I have a particular taste for the freestyling artform, and would love to develop the abilities to create this specific kind of art.
Unlike yesterday, rather than focusing on developing my pockets of rhymes , I focused on the rhythmic aspects of my flow. Two days ago , on Thursday, I mentioned that I was going to build my own website for freestyle rap training. Both styles require the near-instant ability to find sensible rhymes while simultaneously rapping, so I've been training this rhyme-finding ability for the past few days.

Over the past week, I've almost exclusively practiced freestyling with the help of a random word generator. This is how I feel about my freestyle rapping, except it's only been 27 days. Since this month's challenge is ultimately an artistic, subjective challenge anyway, my objective was more about finding my personal style, the confidence, and the competence to express myself via freestyle rap in a way I could get excited about.
In other words, my goal this month is to close my Taste Gap”. Thus, especially at the beginning of the month, I plan to spend a significant amount of time writing rhymes, instead of freestyling them. The challenge of this style of freestyling is quickly crafting the perfect punchline while simultaneously rapping the setup.
In fact, many of my freestyling sessions have been highly therapeutic: I've been able to rawly address the topics that are buried a bit deeper in my mind, which is not something I expected when I entered the tough guy world of rhyme-spitting. In general, in my mind, there are two main approaches to freestyle rapping, which are nicely demonstrated in the video below.

In other words, the instrumental forced me to explore new territory and new possibilities, breaking me out of my metronome rut. These sets of rhymes are centered around the self-referential and very hip motifs of I am a good rapper” and Watch me as I flow so good”.
In particular, I tried to incorporate members of the crowd and people walking by into my rhymes in real-time. In other words, I've never freestyle rapped in front of a group of people before. I would argue that this level of freestyling was in me at the start of the month, and all I have done in the last week is slowly chip away at my inhibitions.

However, now, I'm not sure if this assessment was totally true: For the past week, I haven't practiced freestyling much tethered to a word list, and returning to it today (first, in the morning with , and then later with ), I found it to be more challenging than I remember.

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