Addiction Recovery Centers In West Louisville, KY

A faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program for men and women 18 & up. Located in central Louisville, Ky. and a division of Centerstone Kentucky — a regional treatment provider addiction treatment center Louisville with facilities in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee — the center is among the 28.4 percent of Kentucky facilities that offer specialized programming for pregnant clients.
Counseling Solutions Professionals are involved in the provision of services in the schools, Courts, Hospitals, Social Services Agencies, Probation and Parole, Child Protective Services, Local Industry, EAP Groups, Insurance Groups, and Managed Care Organizations.

Finding hard to locate resources for the top reviewed substance abuse treatment and detox facilities that provide rehabilitation services for little to no cost in Kentucky KY. These facilities use sliding scales, grants, and government and county funds to finance the rehabilitation services they provide.
Whether you need help getting free of an addiction or live with a family member who does, our helpline is ready to take your call, anytime, and is staffed with friendly advisors, there to discuss the highest-quality residential alcohol, illicit and prescription drug addiction treatment clinics Louisville, Kentucky offers.
They are licensed and accredited dual-diagnosis Drug Treatment Centers specializing in the treatment of a range of addictions and behavioral disorders such as a prescription pill, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, gambling, and eating disorders to name a few.

You will learn core issues for male clients, including: difficulty expressing feelings; toxic masculinity; limited role models; the shield of armor; and resistance to counseling; We will discuss how to provide gender responsive services for women seeking recovery, 21 critical areas to focus on with women seeking recovery; and 3 approaches to trauma recovery for women.
It does not matter what your preference, our representatives would love to help you find a substance abuse addiction rehab program wherever you wish to go. If you aren't sure whether your insurance plan covers treatment in Lynnview, KY, call our hotline to speak with an addiction specialist.

Landmark Recovery in Louisville, Kentucky is an inpatient treatment facility for individuals who have already completed the detoxification process This program includes room and board for patients and provides around the clock access to quality care.
Counseling and other services are comprehensive and provided by highly trained, experienced and Certified or Licensed professionals including: licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, CADCs, Temporary CADC's, case managers, psychiatrists, physicians, technicians and other certified and licensed professionals.
Serving 700 men and women in gender-specific residential and outpatient treatment centers, this facility follows a four-track model. Here, you will have full access to some of the best mental health doctors and therapists in Louisville. We employ experienced addiction treatment professionals who provide individual attention to help you reach your goals for treatment.

Chances are, you will receive at least partial coverage for substance abuse treatment services. The Louisville opioid epidemic is especially severe, with Jefferson County experiencing the highest opioid abuse rate in Kentucky. The goal is to make client-centered addiction treatment available to anyone in the metro area that needs it.
Journey Pure, is a leading provider of creative substance addiction treatment services with attention to treating the co-occurring mental disorder and substance abuse addiction. Beacon House is substance abuse residential recovery program; its substance abuse recovery treatments are designed for adult men.

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